Pickup trucks are one of the most popular segments in the industry. In fact, many claim some full-size models, like the Nissan Titan, trucks are quickly becoming the new family vehicle. Trucks are popular with young teen drivers, and many new drivers are choosing trucks as their first vehicle. The unfortunate part of this is that many drivers face difficulties obtaining financing because they have no credit or bad credit. At Beck Nissan, we understand what you’re going through and would love the opportunity to help you any way we can, so stop and see us.

Getting financing without any credit can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. We would like to offer these tips on this you can do to make it easier to finance with no credit.

  • Consider using cash: If you’re a young driver, coming up with a sizable amount of cash might be difficult, but it’s a good option. Saving up the amount may allow you to pay cash for a capable truck like the Nissan Frontier, or put down a larger down payment, which can make obtaining financing easier.

  • Determine the length of the loan: Longer term loans offer smaller monthly payments. Shorter term loans have larger monthly payments but will allow you to pay off the truck in less time.

  • Shop around for lenders: If you have no credit, you’ll probably be grateful for the first lender that agrees to give you financing; however, if one lender approved the loan, chances are another one will as well. Beck Nissan can help you find a lender who offers the best deal.

  • Consider a cosigner: If you know someone close who is willing to cosign your loan, consider taking this option. Because it's a lower risk for the lender, you may get better interest rates and terms.

Get No Credit Truck Financing near Palm Coast and Gainesville, FL

For more information about financing, and how you can get a new truck with a small budget, contact Beck Nissan at your convenience. We'll be happy to assist you.