After a long-winded search for your next Nissan vehicle, it's a great feeling when you know which model you want to drive home. Before you can get the keys and head back to Gainesville, FL, you'll need to decide whether you want to buy or lease this model. At Beck Nissan in North Florida, we aim to make this decision easy. Plus, our full-functioning finance center is designed to give drivers near Palm Coast a smooth journey through the auto-financing process from start to finish.

When it comes to buying or leasing one of our prized Nissan models, there are a few key elements to consider that will help you figure out which direction is best.

  • Owning: Buying is a logical route for a driver from Saint Augustine who wants to drive this vehicle for several years. If this same driver wants to switch to a different model in less than a couple years, we’d recommend the less-permanent leasing route instead.
  • Costs: Leasing a Nissan vehicle comes with lower monthly payments and lower repair costs since you're covered under the vehicle's factory warranty. Buying is costlier but saves you money in the long run if you own the vehicle for several years.
  • Other Factors: Florida drivers who choose to buy will have the freedom to modify the vehicle and drive it as much as they want. Vehicles that are leased often come with an annual mileage cap and wear-and-tear policies during the extent of the contract.

If you're still not sure, that's perfectly fine. Our team of financing experts will gladly talk you through your options after you submit an online finance application. If you're still searching for the right vehicle, check out our brand-new Nissan selection and collection of quality pre-owned Nissan vehicles we have available for our customers near Saint Augustine Beach. We look forward to hearing from you when you're ready to move forward with one of our impressive Nissan models.