Before Your Brakes Break...

If you want to enjoy your Nissan for years to come, knowing when and how to maintain it is of the upmost importance. Especially when it comes to your brakes. Since being able to stop is vitally important (obviously), it's good to recognize when your brakes might need some servicing. Here are a few symptoms to watch and listen for:

  • Brake Pads: They should be more than a quarter inch thick. If they're worn down to less than that, time for some new ones.
  • Grinding: When they do completely wear down, you'll start to hear the grinding of your caliper scraping the rotor. Definitely time for brake repair.
  • Brake Pedal is Soft: If your brake pedal needs some extra effort to be effective, it could mean that your brake fluid is low, there's a leak in the line, or simply your brakes are worn out.

Luckily for Palatka drivers, we know just the place for you to get quality brake repair and maintenance. The Service Center at Beck Nissan is staffed by highly skilled technicians who can inspect and repair your brakes in no time, using only Nissan certified parts. So before your brakes break on the roads in Saint Augustine, Palm Coast, or Gainsville, schedule your appointment with us.

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