Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Traveling around Thanksgiving is a major hassle, seeing as it's one of the busiest times of the year. Fortunately, there are steps both flyers and drivers can take to lower their stress levels and make this holiday season a memorable one from start to finish. Here are a few Thanksgiving travel tips from us here at Beck Nissan. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

·         Packing – To put it simply, pack light. Doing so means there will be less to load into the car and you won't have as much in the way of baggage fees if you choose to fly. Instead of packing every little item you need, ship it to your destination through the mail. Save money and reduce the hassle of traveling by packing light.

·         Technology – There's a lot that technology can do for you when it comes to traveling. Navigation systems can guide you along your route and help avoid accidents, traffic jams, congestion, and other time-wasting problems. Websites and apps can also help find the cheapest airline tickets and, in some cases, you can even access maps of the airports for your convenience.

·         Traveling – Make sure everything is good to go before you leave. Ensure that the house is locked up and that you have everything that you need for the trip. Fill up the gas tank the night before you head out. Those planning on flying should arrive at the airport at least two to three hours early to avoid missing the flight.

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